Aerial view of the Obelisco Buenos Aires and 9 de Julio Ave., Argentina


The past month I had the great opportunity to get on the rooftop of a high building located at the 9 de Julio Ave., fourteen blocks away from the Obelisco de Buenos Aires. That’s 1 mile more or less, so all the photos and the timelapse in this post were taken with my Canon 100-400L lens. Fortunately the weather was on my side and the wind was just null, perfect to shoot long exposures and video with a long and heavy lens such as the 100-400L, fully extended in some… [Read More]


Galen Rowell videos

Some Galen Rowell inspiring old videos  I’ve found on youtube. Galen says: “When I’m doing outdoor photography I look at the newspaper and if it says clear, sunny, no winds, no problems with weather conditions, I know it’s a horrible days to take pictures. But if it says travelers advisory, blowing storms, some snow on the road, everything bad, then I’ll got out and figure that when that storm ends there’s gonna be some fantastic situations and beautiful light, because it’s at the end of storms when you have that… [Read More]

Trip reports

Cerro Torre part 1: The sunrise


Thinking about a first post for this new blog and organizing photos on my hard drives I realized that over the past 5 years I’ve photographed Cerro Torre in all possible light conditions. And given my obsession for that mountain I have no doubt that I’ll return to its foot many times more, in my quest for the ultimate image . That’s why I decided to write this post in 4 parts: The sunrise, The day, The sunset and The night, with a selection of some photographs taken in the… [Read More]