Galen Rowell videos

Some Galen Rowell inspiring old videos  I’ve found on youtube.

Galen says: “When I’m doing outdoor photography I look at the newspaper and if it says clear, sunny, no winds, no problems with weather conditions, I know it’s a horrible days to take pictures. But if it says travelers advisory, blowing storms, some snow on the road, everything bad, then I’ll got out and figure that when that storm ends there’s gonna be some fantastic situations and beautiful light, because it’s at the end of storms when you have that transition, the edges of things in nature are the most beautiful”

Back in the 80’s you had to read the newspaper or watch tv to get a “remote” idea of how the weather was going to be. Today, there are tools and websites such as windguru or mountainforecast where you can get a very accurate weather prediction and only a couple of clicks away. So, all those lazy self claimed landscape or outdoor professional photographers should follow Galen’s statement and go out to catch some beautiful light instead of pasting clouds in photoshop and making hdr images to create light which didn’t exist.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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